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Aug. 29th, 2008

bden: look alikes

some of them could be his twin or something. :O
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credits to: photobucket, buzznet & panic forumssss.

Jul. 28th, 2008

coffee table jokes never get old.

"brendon fact:
he needs to buy me new curtains after last night."

"and a new coffee table."

i'm still lmao. xD


ahahah. stupid scene queen.

i just found this on my hard drive:

[the link doesn't work anymore but i saved the whole text.]

dear mr urie

DONT read if you dont want graphic details!

mind my grammar and spelling this was a spur of the moment thing. im just sick of being mistreated and so is everyother girl who has been put through hell because of you.... i feel like an idiot for wasting these past 6 months not knowing what you were really like... im sorry boo you deserve this. i never believed the stories, i didnt want to because i liked you so much...

dear big poppa,
you might think i'm mean or im being just plain spiteful, but truth of the matter is i am not, i just think people ought to know the truth.
I've been through 6 months of hell. I cant say there werent good times for me because there were, but there were also alot of nasty bad times. some people are just down right shitty, and full of themselves and you are one of them my friend.

I hope you get over yourself the way i got over you.

I knew i was being treated like shit for months (and my friends did too) but i put up with it because i liked you so much. I should have known the first night we met that you were an asshole. Not only did you degrade me, and try to make me show you my boobs for money (and i did NOT) but you also forced me to keep drinking strange concoctions that you wouldnt sipyourself (date rape much?)and later told me i was too drunk to go home therefore i had to stay with you... yeah nice try, and it worked. I let that slide though because the next time we hung out you were completely charming, must have been one of your many personalities.

Now I'm not here to tell everyone about your nasty little habits or how you are a 2 pump chump, but let it be known that blowing your load all over a womans face is not entirely respectful, and you would think you could have a little control over that shit, it goes everywhere. you know how many dresses and coffee tables you have ruined?

Sorry if i sound rude but I would really like to help you. heres some advice from me that might help you shape up a little.

1. stop smoking so much weed, its not good for your health and its not fun when you need breaks every 5 minutes of sex because you cant breathe.

2. most girls dont like it when you try to stick it in the wrong hole.

3. like me, most girls wont like it if they are asked to do threesomes with you and your best friend...(speaking of which i wonder about your relationship with him. its not particularly normal to be stuck at the hip with another boy like that)

4. you might want to stop hating on fans and people that adore you because you are not a nice person and you should be happy they actually like you.

5. i hope you know everyone in any other band who doesnt socialize with you, thinks you are a cocky hyper active 12 yr old..you might want to stop the shrooms and coke, that doesnt help.

6. girls dont like being beat or yelled at during sex, and the words" ohh baby ride that dick" arent particularly romantic. now dont take all this the wrong way because i really care about you and hope you can use all of this to your benefit!

ps your guitarist tried to fuck me on sunday...too bad i am loyal.

lots of love to my big daddy!

this made me laugh so hard.
like, seriously. 'ohh baby ride that dick' sounds like she had a lot of fun. actually, i think this whole ride that dick thing was kind of romantic. haha. i mean, damn! he can ruin all my dresses, coffee tables, whatever. lmao. i'm gonna stop there.

she claims the blog was fake and a friend wrote it, anyways. and that's why she left it up for a couple of days.
get a fucking life.
basically lana jade is just a bitter fucking scene queen who's pissed because brendon dumped her slutty ass.

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